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Can I use Outlook, Exchange, or Office 365?

Yes! Check out this article.

Can I send emails without a Google account?

Yes! Here are steps to set up an SMTP account and here is our list of common hosts and ports that may work for you.

I'm having problems uploading a CSV file.

Check out the most common fixes for CSV files.

I was charged a different price than I expected.

If you make upgrades or downgrades to your subscription in the middle of the billing cycle, prorating applies. For instance, if you start the month with 3 users on your team and halfway through you upgrade to 4 users, at the start of the next month you'll be charged for the extra user for the past 15 days as well as your new monthly price for 4 users.  We have more info here.

Why are my text replacements not working?

If you're seeing a red exclamation mark indicating that some recipients are missing text replacements, the usual fix for this is to edit your campaign messages and fix or remove the text replacement (ergo {{company}}) that some of your recipients don't have. 

Other fixes might include:

  • If you don't visibly see a problem, click on the <> icon in our email editor. It's possible you have a text replacement that's hidden because it's being used as a link or an image reference, or accidentally got into the styling code of your email.
  • If just a few recipients have the problem, you can just click on their names and edit their "Pending Messages" to get rid of the text replacements.
  • Check out our main article on this
  • Here are step-by-step instructions for ways to fix text replacements

How do I add new recipients to an existing campaign?

Check out this article.

Why are my unsubscribes/bounces not showing as paused?

Mailshake never pauses recipients, that's a function to be used by you and your team. If an unsubscribe is detected or an email bounces, Mailshake will automatically clear out any pending messages for that recipient, so the effect is the same as if you had paused them.

What is the difference between follow-ups and drips?

Drip messages are always sent, regardless of how the recipient reacts to previous emails. A good example of using these is if you want to send educational material to a group over the course of several weeks. Each drip email is sent with its own subject line and does not include the previously sent emails in its body.

Follow-ups are only sent if the recipient doesn't react to the earlier sent messages in the chain. If the follow-up is set up as a reply it will include all of the previously sent emails in the body (just like a normal reply chain). By default these follow-ups are not sent if the recipient replies to any of your messages in the chain, but you can tweak this.

Google says I sent too many emails or they've suspended my account.

Google has daily limits on how much email you're allowed to send, but even if you don't go over that limit they can throttle your sending for any reason. We've seen this happen even for very low volumes of sent email. If you've hit a limit with Google, Mailshake will automatically stop sending emails out and resume after about 24 hours. Use this time to reevaluate your sending strategy. We have lots of recommendations here. If you've been suspended by Google then you should reevaluate your sending and contact them to see what you can do to get reinstated. 

Some of my emails might not be reaching my recipients.

Email deliverability is a tricky thing and varies with each case. If you're concerned that some of your messages aren't going all the way through, here are a couple of suggestions:

  • Create a custom tracking domain for your open/click tracking
  • Don't include images or links in your email
  • Disable opens or clicks altogether. While this prevents the collection of some statistics, sometimes it's necessary to ensure higher deliverability. If your email is very short or has a lot of links and/or images, you may increasingly have trouble getting your mail to go through with tracking enabled.

Why are a lot of my emails bouncing?

See the answer above for this. Also check out our sending strategy recommendations.

Can I integrate Mailshake into my other tools?

Yes! We currently offer Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Slack and Calendly Integrations. We have a powerful integration with Zapier that lets you do just about anything you want. Here's our article on this. Additionally, we have an extensive API that we think is pretty awesome.

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