My CSV file isn't being accepted

If you're trying to import your CSV for the first time, view our CSV Import Video Guide.

Looking for a proper CSV template? Check out our starter template here.

If you're running into issues when importing your CSV, likely there's a formatting issue that's causing an error when trying to import. 

First, make sure that you're importing a .CSV file not an Excel file (.XLS or .XLSX) or other type of spreadsheet file. Click here to view our guide that walks through exporting your spreadsheet as a CSV.

Use this checklist below to make sure your CSV is setup properly:

  • Make sure to include a Header Row. The very first row of your CSV file will need to be a header.  The header is used to tell us what is in each column. 
  • NO punctuation in header row. Avoid all punctuation in your header row.  This includes (. : / ? _ - )
  • NO paragraph text or new lines in cells. Cells cannot include multiple lines or line breaks in cells. All text in one cell needs to be on one line. 
  • NO empty rows or columns. Remove any rows or columns that don't have any data in them.
  • Confirm your file was exported as a CSV file and not just a spreadsheet renamed with a ".csv" extension
  • File is be 1 MB or smaller. If your file is too large, remove extra columns, blank rows, and split your file into separate files under 1 MB.
  • Each Row must have 1 email address. Remove any rows with missing email addresses and separate any rows with multiple email addresses in one cell

Here's an example of a nicely formatted Prospect List below. Just make sure to export your file as a CSV before importing to Mailshake and you're in business!

Important: Mailshake offers a Full Name field and our system separates the first name and last name for text replacements so that you can just insert the first name as a text replacement in your messages. If you don't have a Full Name field, when mapping your CSV, simply map First Name to Full Name. 
Note: For CRM integration users, lack of a Full Name field will result in deal created with the naming convention "First Name "Unknown" Deal" for example: Trevor Unknown Deal.
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