My CSV file isn't being accepted

Don't know how to create a CSV file?  That's ok, read this article for help in creating a comma-separated-values file.

Looking for a template? Check out our starter template here.

Here are some common reasons a CSV (comma-separated-values) file may cause problems:

  • The very first row of your CSV file will need to be a header.  The header is used to tell us what is in each column. See screenshot below for an example. 
  • Make sure your file is actually a CSV file and not just a spreadsheet renamed with a ".csv" extension
  • Files must be smaller than 1 MB in size
  • Your CSV file will need to have a header row that tells Mailshake what is in each column. 
  • The header row cannot have any punctuation in it.  Avoid all punctuation in your header row.  This includes (. : / ? _ - )
  • No cells in your spreadsheet can contain paragraphs (newlines can't be read by our system)
  • If your EMAIL column is missing any emails you'll want to delete those rows. 
  • Delete any rows or columns that are completely empty
  • Make sure each column has a heading

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