How do I connect with Outlook, Exchange, or Office 365?

Mailshake works with almost any Microsoft email address such as Outlook, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365. 

For custom Exchange Servers like on-prem, you may need need to connect via SMTP if the Microsoft option doesn't work: Click here for SMTP setup steps

Connect your Microsoft Mail account

  1. In the left menu in Mailshake, click Mail Accounts
  2. Click +Add Account
  3. Click Microsoft
  4. Enter your email address and follow the onscreen prompts to finish connecting your mail account to Mailshake
Having Trouble? If you're connecting multiple Microsoft accounts or a different Microsoft account than the one you're currently logged into Microsoft services with, you'll need to sign out of your Microsoft account on platforms like Outlook (web) or Office 365.
Note: Adding an additional mail account may result in changes to your subscription. Check out this guide for more info: Pricing Explained
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