Pricing explained

How teams pay for Mailshake

Mailshake is paid for by your team or by yourself if you're the account owner. Check out current pricing on our pricing page.

With each user, your team is allowed to connect one mail account. For example, when you upgrade the number of users on your team to 5, you can have up to 5 teammates (including yourself) and up to 5 connected mail accounts.

Example: 2 teammates, but with 4 mail accounts for sending on Sales Engagement Plan

4 users X $999 = $3996 / year   
(you need a "4 user" plan to get that many mail accounts, so you could add 2 more teammates if you like)

Example: 3 teammates and only 1 mail account for sending on Email Outreach Plan

3 users X $699 = $2097 / year
(you would be able to connect 2 more mail accounts if you like)

Note: For customers that have AppSumo plans, your plan has a seat limit and can't be increased beyond that limit. For additional seats beyond that limit, you'll be charged the current pricing. Click here to contact us so we can help add additional seats or click the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page.

When are you billed?

For customers on our annual plans, the date that your subscription started is the date you will be billed annually. So if you signed up on June 8th, you'll be billed each year on June 8th (starting immediately, on June 8th). 

For customers on our monthly plans, you will be billed monthly on the date of the month you started your subscription. For example, if you started your subscription on September 20th, you'll be billed on the 20th of each month. If you switch between a yearly and a monthly plan, your recurring date will be updated to the day you made that change.

Note: Billing dates cannot be changed. Click here for more info.

Does Mailshake charge ahead or behind?

We charge for the upcoming billing period. If you sign up on April 1st, your credit card will be charged on April 1st for your use of Mailshake depending on the billing period (monthly or annual).

Prorating upgrades

When you upgrade your plan (either by moving to a more expensive plan, increasing users, etc.), you will be charged a prorated amount for the remaining part of the billing period.

You will get to preview these charges before completing your upgrade and when you do, these charges will be collected immediately. 

Prorating downgrades

When you downgrade your subscription,  you may end up with a credit on your account. Say you paid for 5 users and then downgraded to 1 partway through the billing period. For our example, we'll say this prorating event gives you a credit of $45 on your account. You are not refunded this amount, but your next Mailshake subscription charge will apply this balance.


Click here to view the steps to cancel your team's subscription. 

When you cancel a subscription, you tell Mailshake to stop billing you. You've already paid for the full billing cycle which means you'll be able to continue using Mailshake until the day your subscription ends. You can view your subscription end date in your Billing settings.

All of your campaign data is deleted 30 days after your subscription expires.

Pausing Subscription

At this time it's not possible to pause your subscription. Keeping your subscription open means you'll keep your pricing and all of the data in your account. If you no longer need to use Mailshake, you can cancel at any time, which sets your account to cancel at the end of your current billing cycle.


Your Mailshake subscription is prepaid for the full billing cycle. If you cancel your subscription before your renewal, you will continue to have full access to your Mailshake subscription until the end of the billing period. 

We do not issue any kind of refund or pro-rated refunds for cancellations. Instead, we're focused on providing you with the best possible support. 

For our full refund policy, click here.

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