How do I download receipts or update invoice information?

1. Downloading receipts

Navigate the left menu to "Team Settings" and then "Billing." 

On that page you'll see "Receipts" and a table listing out all of the payments you've made to Mailshake. Click on "View" next to any receipt and a new tab/window will open.

There will be a "Download" option and you'll choose "Receipt" from the menu that pops up. 

2. Adding VAT ID or Company Information

In the "Receipts" section there's a link that allows you to edit your company's information that will appear on the receipt. This can include your address as well as a VAT ID (all fields are optional). 

This information will update future invoices and receipts. Past invoices and receipts aren't able to be updated as they're finalized by payment.

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