How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription whenever you like. Subscription payments are charged at the beginning of your cycle, and canceling will simply stop your account from renewing. Your subscription will still be active until your end date.

Important: 30 days after you cancel, your campaigns will be deleted. If you'd like them to stick around but still not be billed for up to three months, consider hibernating your subscription instead.

To cancel your subscription:

  1. In the side menu click Settings and then Billing
  2. Click Cancel Plan
  3. You'll see options to "Hibernate" or "Cancel". Choose Cancel and submit the form.

How to cancel while hibernating

To cancel while your account is hibernating:

  1. In the side menu, click Settings and then Billing.
  2. Click "Hibernate Subscription"
  3. You'll see options to "Hibernate" or "Cancel." Choose Cancel and submit the form.

Note that the account will remain active until the end of the billing period.

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