How do I send emails with SendGrid?

Important: We do not recommend using an SMTP platform like Sendgrid or Mailgun for cold email sending. Learn why by clicking here.

If you chose to go this route despite our warnings above, you'll need to set up Sendgrid by using our SMTP connection option.  SendGrid doesn't provide a way for Mailshake to check for replies to your emails, so you'll also need an IMAP connection where we can check the inbox of the account you're sending from. 

1. Setting up SendGrid for sending via STMP Relay

In their setup guide, you'll need to create an API key that enables SMTP sending:

After creating that API key, you can switch back over to Mailshake to set up your connection. After sending a test campaign, you can come back to this screen in SendGrid to check the "I've updated my settings" and click the "Next" button.

Secondary steps:

  • We highly recommend going through SendGrid's process to authorize your sending.
  • By default, SendGrid will inject its own tracking mechanisms into your emails. Since Mailshake is already doing this we highly recommend disabling open and click tracking in SendGrid as having too much tracking can further reduce deliverability.

2. Adding the SendGrid email to Mailshake

On the  Mail Accounts page, click the pink +Add Account button and choose SMTP as the type of account. 

Follow our article on setting up an SMTP account. For SMTP, use the host and port information shown on SendGrid's page.

Note: If you're having trouble with the server address or port info, we recommend reaching out to SendGrid's support team to confirm you're using the right settings and API key for sending via SMTP.

You still need an IMAP connection

As we said before, you'll need a separate IMAP connection so Mailshake can check replies to your messages and SendGrid doesn't provide that. For instance, you might have an Outlook or other email address that allows you to send and receive emails. You'll need to use this email for receiving and the email address must match the same email address you use for sending via Sendgrid.

GSuite and Gmail no longer allows single connections via IMAP. You will need to use a different email platform that allows receiving with IMAP if you are dedicated to using Sendgrid or other SMTP platforms for sending.

Important: Your IMAP connection must be the same email address that you're using for sending with SendGrid. It's not possible to connect one email address for sending and a different email address for sending. We cannot bypass these requirements.

Verify that everything's working

After you've finished setting up your mail account, it's a good idea to create a test campaign. Send a simple campaign to a few email addresses that you have access to. Make sure you receive the emails and that when you reply, they show up in your Mailshake campaign (might be a 5-10 minute delay).

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