How do I send and receive emails via SMTP/IMAP with Mailshake?

Setting up your STMP connection

You can connect just about any email address to Mailshake by adding an SMTP/IMAP mail account. You will need both SMTP (sending) and IMAP (receiving) in order to use Mailshake's SMTP connection. Mailshake does not support POP.

ā¯“Unsure of your SMTP information?  Click here for common SMTP/IMAP information.

1. Click Mail Accounts in the left side menu

2. On the Mail Accounts page, click the pink +Add Account near the top of the page

3. Click  SMTP

4. To connect with SMTP, you'll need all the following information:

  • Email Address
  • Full Name used for sending
  • SMTP Host (Server Address) and Port Number
  • SMTP Username (this is usually your email address)
  • SMTP Password
  • IMAP Host (Server Address) and Port Number
  • IMAP Username (this is usually your email address)
  • IMAP Password
Note: If you're unsure of any of the above information, you'll need to reach out to your mail provider's support team to get the right information. SMTP/IMAP info is different for every mail provider so they'll be your best contact to get the right information. For more details, check out How do I find my SMTP/IMAP server address and port number? You will need all of the information - Mailshake cannot bypass your mail provider's security requirements.

5. Enter in the email address you'll be sending from as well as the "from" name. 

Important: This must be an email address allowed by your email provider or you may have errors and/or end up in spam.

6. Enter the SMTP information you've gathered from your mail provider. If you have Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled on your mail account, you will need to get an app specific password - contact your mail provider directly for more details.

6. Enter the IMAP information you've gathered from your mail provider.

Important: This is a crucial step so that Mailshake knows when how to stop your follow-up sequences, record replies, create leads, and allow you to reply back to emails from within Mailshake. 
Tip: Usually the "username/password" is the same as in your SMTP settings but make sure to refer to the exact information your mail provider provided.

7. Click Next. The system will start processing your information and attempt to connect.

I'm receiving an "Internal Error" or "Inbox Checking Settings Incorrect" error message.

Check out this guide for more details: Why am I receiving an "Internal Error" or "Inbox Checking Settings Incorrect" error message when connecting SMTP?

Troubleshooting Microsoft Exchange

If you are connecting a Microsoft Exchange account, you may need to reach out to your Exchange Server admin or Microsoft support to find your custom Exchange server. This would look something like 

Note: We highly recommend using our native Microsoft OAuth integration if possible. You can find the steps in our Microsoft Guide.

Test it out

After you've added your mail account, we strongly encourage you to send a test campaign. Create a campaign where you send to a few different email addresses. Sign into your email inbox for those test addresses and reply back. After waiting a few minutes, check your Mailshake campaign again to make sure the replies came through.

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