How do I use text replacements?

If you'd like to personalize emails but don't want to manually edit each email, you don't have to! Mailshake makes it easy to use Text Replacements to insert personalization into emails. If you're familiar with Mail Merge, our Text Replacements work just about the same way.

The first thing is to make sure you have a "Name" field in your CSV (comma-separated-values) file. Mailshake will automatically pull out "first" and "last" text replacements for you from that name column. 

When you upload your CSV file, tell Mailshake what column is the "email address", which column is the "full name" (optional), and what other column data you'd like to use as text replacements. 

When composing your message, look to the "insert" tool and insert whatever merge tag you like:

Then choose fallback text for the people who are missing that field. In the example below most people will have a name listed, but if they don't we'll fallback so our email reads "Hi there" instead of "Hi John".

You can copy merge tags into your subject lines, too:

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