How do I insert an image that's different for each recipient?

Step 1: Prepare your CSV file

Make sure your CSV file has a "imageUrl" column, or something similar. Each recipient should have their own url that goes here. To get around a little trick we'll talk about in a second, make sure these urls don't start with "http://" -- they should have everything after it (ergo "" instead of "").

Step 2: Composing your message

Use our email editor to insert the tag from your imported fields. Here's a screenshot of where this tool can be found:

The merge tag will get inserted into your email body. Copy it to your clipboard and and click the "<>" icon to edit the HTML source of your message.  

Step 3: The little trick

When you type the IMG tag to insert an image, paste the merge tag as its "src" attribute. Our email editor won't like it unless you prefix it with "http://". For instance:

<img src="http://{{imageUrl}}">

Step 4: Make sure it worked!

When you reach the "Personalize" step, you will be able to preview how the message looks to each of your recipients to make sure everything looks correct.

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