How do I use a template?

Mailshake provides you with pre-created templates as well as the opportunity to create your own templates. 

Using an existing template

When creating a new Campaign:

  1. On the Sequence step, click Import Sequence
  2. In the list, click the template you'd like to use, then click Select this template - you'll have the opportunity to make edits after you've selected the sequence
  3. Once you've selected the template, to edit a sequence message, click Edit in the upper right corner 
  4. You may notice that the template includes text replacements. They'll appear like this: {{account}}. In order for those to work, your CSV import must have matching column titles -OR- you can change the text replacement to reflect the correct column in your file.

    For example: If your CSV has a column titled "Prospect URL" but the template has the text replacement {{website}}, these don't match. You can edit the message after you select the sequence and change the text replacement by deleting it, then click the Insert drop down in the message box to insert a new text replacement.

    For more info about text replacements, check out this guide: This article goes over how text replacements work.
  5. Once you've made any necessary edits to your sequence, click Personalize to move to the next step in creating your campaign

To insert additional templated messages:

  1. On the sequence page, hover over the last message in your sequence and click the + 
  2. Click From Template to view the template list
  3. Click the template you wish to use and click Select 
  4. You'll be able to make edits to the template and then save.

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