How do I use a template?

Note: Template Creation isn't yet available in 2.0. This is currently in development and we're excited to bring you robust template creation and management tools.

To use a template you'll want to click Import Sequence to view available templates and select the one you'd like to use: 

Whenever you pick one of our templates (and some templates may require you to answer a few questions), your campaign message will fill in with a templated message. The comma-separated-values (CSV) file you uploaded of your recipients will need to have columns for each text replacement that's in the message. Ergo, if you see "{{article}}" then you should have an "article" column in your spreadsheet that has a url for each recipient in your list.  This article goes over how text replacements work.

(If the template you choose has text replacements that aren't in your spreadsheet, you can hit the pink "Personalize" button at the bottom of your screen to save your message and then go back to the "Prospects" step. Here you can delete your prospects and re-upload a new file to match these replacements.)

After getting everything set up, you'll notice message may have templated fields (also called merge tags) for personalization. That's good! These will get populated when you move to the next step. You can add more personalization by inserting other merge tags from your spreadsheet.

Once you're good to go, click the pink Sequence button and once your campaign syncs you'll be able to look at the final emails for each of your prospects in the Personalization section. If your prospects have any missing text replacements,  read this in-depth article on that topic.

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