How do I add new prospects to a campaign?

You easily can add new prospects to an existing campaign. Adding prospects to an existing campaign will not restart the campaign for existing prospects. It will only start at the beginning for new prospects.

  1. Click Add Prospects  
  2. Choose your method of adding Prospects  
    1. CSV - drag and drop a CSV file or click Choose One to find it on your computer. Make sure to edit the Mappings to import correctly: Importing Prospects with a CSV
    2. Enter Manually - type in names and email addresses using the following format: 
      "John Doe" <>
    3. Import From App - select option to import from Pipedrive or Hubspot
    4. Existing List - select from previously imported lists in Mailshake
  3. Review the imported list
    1. Generic Emails - We recommend removing generic emails like "support@" or "hello@" from your list because they can negatively impact your deliverability. 
    2. List Cleaning - To reduce the number of bounces on your list, we encourage you to utilize our List Cleaning tool to verify your prospects on your list. Click here for more info.
  4. Review Sending Settings then click Next Step
  5. Next, you'll be able to review the sequence messages for each prospect to make sure the text replacements are working correctly and everything looks great. You can also make manual edits.
  6. Click Confirm Prospects to finish the import process

Your new prospects will get scheduled automatically to start sending (unless you chose to schedule for a specific date. This can take 10-15 minutes or longer depending on the length of your list of new prospects.

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