How do I fix contact information in a recipient list?

If you find the names or email addresses (or really any text replacements as well) of your recipients are not up-to-date, here's how you can upload new information:

If your campaign is still in the setup process:

Go to the "Recipients" step in the wizard and click the "trash" icon next to your recipient list. Then upload your new or updated spreadsheet with the corrected information:

If adding recipients to an existing campaign:

WARNING: If sending has already started for these recipients, it is not recommended to delete your list this because you could inadvertently send duplicate emails when you re-upload those contacts.

If sending has already started for your recipients, one way through this is to: pause your recipient list, duplicate your campaign, and then add your recipients via your updated spreadsheet to the newly created campaign. You can also export your old campaign and use the "first send date" column to find people to exclude in your duplicated campaign.

If sending hasn't started: go to the "Recipients" tab, expand the "lists" section and click the trash icon next to your list. Then upload your new or updated spreadsheet with the corrected information.

If you only need to edit one recipient's email in your list:

If sending hasn't started: go to the "Recipients" tab, use the search bar to find the recipient in your list then check the box next to their email. Once checked, you can delete them from your list.  Now you can add them with the correct contact information by clicking 'ADD RECIPIENTS'

NOTE: If sending has already begun for that recipient when deleted, all information associated with that recipient will be deleted (including their send history). This means they'll start getting the campaign to the new email address starting with the initial email. 

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