Where can I find call recordings?

Effortlessly access comprehensive call activity records for your team, conveniently consolidated in a single location! To find this, you will want to click "Dialer" from the left side menu:


When you land in the call recording tab, you will see all of your team member's calls. You also have the flexibility to apply filters by team member in the Call Recordings, Call History, and Call Report Tab: 

Call Recordings

The Call Recording tab displays recordings for all recorded calls. This tab organizes calls in the order they were made and provides valuable information, including phone numbers, assigned teammates, timestamps, and associated campaign details.

You can opt to record all calls automatically or manually select specific calls for recording during the call. We cover that in the settings section later in this.

You can also click on the prospect in the call recording list to access additional information, such as their campaign associations, statistics, and related notes.

Download Call Recordings

You can download call recordings by clicking on the three dots and selecting "download."

Call History

The Call History tab provides insights into all completed calls, including those that were not recorded. Here, you'll find supplementary details like the associated campaign, timestamp, the responsible teammate, and the call's duration:


On this tab, you can easily access the Call Outcome and Call Disposition reports within the Reports tab, customize the date range to suit your analysis needs, and leverage the insights gained to enhance your call strategies and outcomes.

You can learn more about reports here.


You can easily configure your recording preferences in the Settings tab, choosing between automatic or manual recording for calls. Additionally, you can view the phone numbers assigned to each representative, including any forwarding numbers, allowing you to manage your communication settings efficiently.

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