How to use the Mailshake Dialer

The Mailshake dialer is a VOIP dialer which allows you to make calls directly in Mailshake using a phone number of your choice. Each user on your team gets 1 phone number. 

In this guide we'll show you: 

Using the Dialer for the first time

Before you can use the dialer an admin on the account will need to enable the dialer from the Team Settings tab under Settings.

Once enabled you have the option to turn on automatic recording of all calls. You can still turn off recording for individual calls from within the dialer when this feature is enabled but by default calls will record automatically.

When you start using the Mailshake dialer, you'll be prompted to choose a phone number. You'll be asked to select your country code and the area code or prefix.

You can choose a number from the following countries:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia

Make sure to choose a number you like as you can't change this number after you choose it.

You'll also need to enter a forwarding number for incoming calls (ie: when a prospect returns your call). Make sure to enter a phone number that you use regularly. 

Once you've confirmed your phone number, you're ready to use the dialer for making phone calls from Mailshake.

Make a call from a Prospect or a Task

Click the pink Phone icon to start a call. You'll be prompted to double check the phone number before dialing just in case.

Click Start Call to start dialing the prospect

You'll have the ability to add notes to the prospect's record while on the call and record the call if you'd like!

Dialing a prospect that hasn't been added to Mailshake

You can also start a call by clicking the pink + icon in the lower left corner of the page.

If you dial a number that's already linked to a prospect in Mailshake, their information will display. 

If you dial a number that's not in Mailshake yet, you'll be prompted to add information to create the prospect. 

How to record a call, set the disposition/outcome, and take notes

To record a call, you'll first need to start the call. Once the call has started you'll see a switch appear in the top left corner that when clicked will start recording your call. 

To set the disposition and outcome, click the corresponding drop downs and select an option.

To take notes, you can click the pink "Take Notes' button.

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