How much does the phone dialer cost?

How costs are calculated

Mailshake provides our phone dialer service to you at or near our actual costs. Costs are based on:

  • How long each call leg is
  • Your location (the caller)
  • The location of the recipient
  • Whether any recordings are made (recording costs are nominal at around $0.0025/minute).
  • In some cases the type of phone number or network can affect costs

Free minutes and how you are billed

Every Sales Engagement team gets 100 free minutes every month for each user on their subscription. After those minutes run out we will charge $50 at a time when your balance is not enough to cover the current call costs.

  • 100 minutes is an estimation based on costs for most calls within the continental US. The actual number of free minutes may be less if your call costs are higher.
  • Rates vary by your location and the location of the called party.
  • Charges are non-refundable and will be automatically billed as your free or other prepaid minutes run out.

Supported International Calls & Estimated call costs

Location Estimated Cost Per Minute
Most US calls $0.03
Brazil $0.044 - $0.35 
France $0.032 - $0.25
Germany $0.03 - $0.40
United Kingdom $0.03 - $0.90
India $0.07 - $0.09
Israel $0.04 - $0.43
Japan $0.10 - $0.37
Australia/Cocos/Christmas Island $0.048 - $0.15
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