Types of Reports

You'll see a few different types of reports in the Reporting section of your Mailshake account and you might find yourself wondering what those are all about.  Here's a breakdown: 


The Engagement Report allows you to view all engagement with your campaigns over a specified period of time. This report will show you a graph with the engagements listed below: 

  • Sends
  • Opens
  • Clicks
  • Replies
  • Unsubscribes
  • Bounces

You also have the ability to change the specified date range and choose to remove any set of data you don't want to view. 


The Productivity Report gives you a deep dive view of your teams productivity. You'll see productivity data per teammate and as with all reports you can select a specific timeframe to view data from. Here's a list of the productivity metrics tracked: 

  • New Leads
  • Won Leads
  • Lost Leads
  • Contacted Prospects
  • Completed Tasks  Total
  • Completed Tasks by Type
  • Completed Tasks - General
  • Completed Tasks - Phone Call
  • Completed Tasks - Social Media


The Lead Catcher report helps you track the status of Leads across all campaigns.


The Lead Drivers Report gives you insight into which emails or part of your campaign is driving more prospects to become leads! This information can help you better understand which parts of your sequence are working well for you and which ones may need more work. 

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