How do I use Spintax with SHAKEspeare AI?

In addition to Mailshake's Text Replacements, Mailshake now supports Spintax, which is short for Spin Syntax and helps to generate more personalization in your emails to prospects. Spintax uses a predetermined set of options to "randomize" parts of your email content.

It can be especially helpful to use different openings, phrases, or closings to add variety to your emails. The more varying your emails, the better your deliverability!

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Spintax with SHAKEspeare AI

SHAKEspeare AI powers Mailshake's Spintax feature to take the guesswork out of selecting Spintax options.

Select the text you'd like to spin (no punctuation) and click the AI button in the text editor bar to generate your Spintax options. For your subject line, select the text in your subject, then click the AI button next to the subject line.

Note: Spintax can't have punctuation in it, or it will break the functionality. We recommend only selecting words or phrases without punctuation, not full paragraphs or sentences. 

Manually Use Spintax

In addition to our AI-powered Spintax, you can use Spintax manually. To do this, you can add multiple options within [[ ]] brackets and separated by | vertical bars. 

For example:  [[Hello|Howdy|Hey|Dear]]

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