Where can I find campaign performance data?

Campaign data is viewable in a few places:

  • Campaign View - You can see all campaigns stats at a glance.
  • Campaign Overview - Quick view of stats across your entire campaign
  • Sequence - Stats per message in your campaign
  • Reports - Detailed reporting shown in graph form. 
  • CSV Export - You can export your campaign results and view them in a CSV file! 

Campaign View

When viewing the list of your campaigns you'll see some basic campaign stats and percentages by each campaign: 

  • Prospects/Sends - Tells you how many prospects you've uploaded to that campaign and how many emails have been sent. Sends can be more than the number of prospects when you have multiple messages in your campaign sequence.
  • Engaged - Number of prospects who have engaged in your campaign in any capacity. This includes people who have opened, clicked, or replied.
  • Leads - Number of leads generated
  • Bounces - Number of bounced emails

Campaign Overview

In the Campaign Overview just below your Sending Calendar, you'll see your campaign stats which show both a numerical value and percentage for each stat. You'll also have the option to view data for All Prospects or All Sends.

All Prospects - These stats are per prospect. You'll see just one send reported here even if a prospect has been sent a few messages from your campaign.  You'll also only see one open, click, or reply reported for each prospect even if they took those actions more than once. 

All Sends - These stats show ALL opens, clicks, sends, and replies across all campaign messages. 

If you're running an A/B test campaign you can quickly compare each segment here as well! 


When you move to the Sequence tab you'll see stats per campaign message.  


In the Reports tab you'll find several different reports available for this specific campaign: 

  • Engagements 
  • Lead Catcher
  • Lead Drivers
  • Completed Tasks 

Want to know more about these reports? Check out this guide: TYPES OF REPORTS

CSV Export:

You can export your campaign results by clicking Actions then selecting Export and choosing the Sent Messages option. 

This file is a great option when you're looking to view data per prospect.  The Sent Messages export will show you how many times a prospect opened your email or clicked a link. You'll see the date you first sent them an email along with dates of replies, bounces, and unsubscribes for each prospect! 

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