How do I get started with A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a powerful way to test variations of your campaign to see what works better. Typically only an "A" and a "B" segment are used, but you can create up to 10 variations labeled from A to J on a single campaign. The recipients you add to your campaign will be more or less evenly assigned to the segments of your campaign.

Create segment "A."

Set up the messages in your campaign just like you've always done. Then click the "A/B Test" button:

Create segment "B."

Most of the time, when you create your second segment, you'll want to copy everything you set up in segment "A" so you can make a few tweaks if you'd rather just start with a blank canvas, that's perfectly fine as well!

Now you can test out some variations from segment A. You can test anything, including:

  • Different subject lines
  • New follow-ups
  • Different gaps between follow-ups
  • Messages that go out on clicked links

View stats

Once your campaign has started sending, the campaign segment section will show message stats for each segment and the individual messages. 

After the campaign has finished sending, you can also analyze overall campaign stats and compare each segment in the Campaign Overview.

Exports contain segment data.

And finally, Mailshake's campaign exports include a new "Segment" column so you can easily use spreadsheet software to analyze performance. 

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