What events and information can sync to your CRM?

No matter which CRM you're using, the integration works essentially the same way: “Events” happen within Mailshake, and these events are pushed to your team’s CRM. Additionally, select information about the prospect will sync to your CRM.

Events currently tracked are:

Sent: an email was sent to the recipient from Mailshake, it will include a note with the event but not the content of the message
Openedan email sent from Mailshake was opened 
Clicked: a link in an email from Mailshake was clicked 
Replied: an email sent from Mailshake was replied to 
Bounced: an email sent from Mailshake bounced 
Unsubscribed: the recipient unsubscribed from an email sent from Mailshake 
Resubscribed: the recipient resubscribed to emails from Mailshake 
Lead Opened: the recipient went to “lead open” status in Mailshake 
Lead Ignored: the lead was marked as ignore in Mailshake 
Lead Won: the lead was marked as won in Mailshake 
Lead Lost: the lead was marked as lost in Mailshake 
Task Created: a task was created for the prospect in Mailshake
Task Completed: a task was completed for the prospect in Mailshake 
Phone Call Complete: a phone call was made to the prospect in Mailshake

Hubspot specific tracked events

Mailshake now syncs more data to Hubspot from our Dialer as well as Prospect Notes and Manual Reply Emails. We plan to add support for these events to other CRMs in the future.

  • Phone Call task description - This is the description you put in when creating the task in the sequence. You may use this for your call script or for other pertinent info to be used on the call.
  • Call Disposition
  • Call Outcome
  • Call Notes - Any notes you add during or after the call
  • Call Recordings
  • Other notes made on the prospect (notes added on the Notes/Calls tab)
  • Reply Emails - Any email sent from the Reply button on the Prospect's record

Dialer event example:

Note made on prospect example:

Fields synced when a person is created in your CRM

Each CRM has an option to create a person in the CRM if they do not already exist. If you choose to create a person, Mailshake will sync over the following limited information:

Full Name: the name of the contact.
Account: the name of the contact’s account.
Email: the email of the contact
Note: Some CRMs require a name and/or account. If it is required and not found, we will sync “Unknown” for the field. To avoid this issue, check out our CSV import guide to ensure mapping is done correctly.
Important: Custom fields and the  are NOT able to be synced over at this time. This is a feature we may add functionality for in the future.
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