What events and information can sync to your CRM?

No matter which CRM you're using, the integration works essentially the same way: “Events” happen within Mailshake, and these events are pushed to your team’s CRM. Additionally, select information about the prospect will sync to your CRM.

Events currently tracked are:

Sent: an email was sent to the recipient from Mailshake, it will include a note with the event but not the content of the message
Openedan email sent from Mailshake was opened 
Clicked: a link in an email from Mailshake was clicked 
Replied: an email sent from Mailshake was replied to 
Bounced: an email sent from Mailshake bounced 
Unsubscribed: the recipient unsubscribed from an email sent from Mailshake 
Resubscribed: the recipient resubscribed to emails from Mailshake 
Lead Opened: the recipient went to “lead open” status in Mailshake 
Lead Ignored: the lead was marked as ignore in Mailshake 
Lead Won: the lead was marked as won in Mailshake 
Lead Lost: the lead was marked as lost in Mailshake 
Task Created: a task was created for the prospect in Mailshake
Task Completed: a task was completed for the prospect in Mailshake 
Phone Call Complete: a phone call was made to the prospect in Mailshake

Fields synced when a person is created in your CRM

Each CRM has an option to create a person in the CRM if they do not already exist. If you choose to create a person, Mailshake will sync over the following limited information:

Full Name: the name of the contact.
Company: the name of the contact’s company.
Email: the email of the contact
Note: Some CRMs require a name and/or company. If it is required and not found, we will sync “Unknown” for the field. To avoid this issue, check out our CSV import guide to ensure mapping is done correctly.
Important: Custom fields and the  are NOT able to be synced over at this time. This is a feature we may add functionality for in the future.
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