Connecting and Using the Salesforce integration

Our Mailshake Salesforce integration streamlines the process of syncing prospects, lead activities, and other important tasks. Our guide provides a comprehensive overview of these features.
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Connecting your Salesforce Account 🚀

Enhance your lead tracking and gain insights by seamlessly connecting your Salesforce account with Mailshake.

If you'd like leads to be assigned to a specific individual, once connected, review your settings and select the individual.

  1. Visit Integrations > Apps & CRMs
  2. Click the pink Connect New App button in the top left corner
  3. Select Salesforce from the available options
  4. Then click the blue 'Connect to Salesforce' button
  5. Once it's connected, rename the Salesforce sync to correlate with the individual and select the user to sync leads to

    Renaming Example
  6. Click Save 


Selecting Settings for your Salesforce Sync ⚙️

When syncing from Mailshake to Salesforce, you have several options to make the sync work best for you and your team.
  • Track these events - Mailshake can sync events to Salesforce (see Salesforce Settings image below). Events will be synced as a task in Salesforce. 
    • If you'd like to see emails in Salesforce, we recommend connecting your mail account in Salesforce so your CRM can pick up email conversations.
  • Track events for
    • All Prospects - This is great if you want a record of all prospects you've contacted.
    • Mailshake Leads - This option only syncs prospects that become leads in Mailshake and is the most commonly used option.
  • In Salesforce, people are - select which type of record you use in Salesforce
    • Leads
    • Contacts
  • If Leads/Contacts are missing
    • Create Them - Mailshake will create a new record for the prospect or lead if it doesn't exist.
    • Do Nothing - Mailshake will only sync to the prospect record that already exists in Hubspot.


Importing Contacts, Leads or Campaigns from Salesforce

When importing to Mailshake you can import the following types of Salesforce records:
  • Campaigns
  • Contacts
  • Leads

For Contacts and Leads, Salesforce only support a One Time Import. For Campaigns, you can keep the import running in the background so that any campaign records you add in Salesforce will continue to be added to the Mailshake campaign.

  • Pull from list/Select Campaign - Use this dropdown to select the list of contacts or leads, or the campaign you wish to pull records from
  • Only pull contacts from this owner - You can choose to import all or just from a select owner. If you need to import from multiple owners, you'll want to create another import once you've set up the campaign by going to the Lists tab.
  • Timeline - For Contacts and Leads, one-time imports are supported. For Salesforce Campaigns, you can choose between One Time import and Keep running in the background to continuously import records from Salesforce.
  • How far back to look? - By default, Mailshake will pull as early as possible, but you can set a date in the past to only import certain records.
  • Name this import - We recommend naming this import so it's easier for you to know what is being pulled. This is helpful when you're going back to review your imports and or if you need to import more data.

Enabling Salesforce for your campaigns ✅

Salesforce will need to be connected to each specific campaign you'd like to sync details over for. This will be part of the first step as you create your campaign:


Syncing Existing Campaigns to Salesforce 🔁

If you have campaigns you created before you set up the Salesforce integration, you can go back and select the Salesforce integration in the Campaign's settings. This will start syncing data going forward (it's not possible to retroactively sync those campaigns).
  1. Click on "Settings" in your campaign
  2. Check your Salesforce account under "Sync Apps"
  3. Click "Save"


Move leads through your stages based on Mailshake actions

Using the Add Reaction dropdown, you can update Lead statuses based on activities that happen in Mailshake.

Lead Stages in Salesforce

Mailshake will use the Lead Stages you have in Salesforce when you're syncing to Leads and you'll see those stages reflected in Salesforce like in the image below. Some Salesforce instances may look somewhat different depending on your plan.


Automatically Record Mailshake activities 📝

Whenever actions occur in Mailshake, have them tracked in Salesforce for that contact or deal. For instance, if someone replies to one your emails in Mailshake, record that activity in their Salesforce record. The same goes for if you made a phone call to them, turned them into a lead, etc.

Just make sure to select the activities you want to sync in your Salesforce Sync Settings such as the ones below:

And it will look something like this (Some Salesforce instances may look different depending on your plan type):

Emails and Calls will show up as Email and Call records in Salesforce. All other activities, such as a prospect becoming a lead, will be logged as a Salesforce task. 

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