Connecting Mailshake with Hubspot

Getting started

Connect your Husbpot account in Mailshake to enable tracking deal activities, move deals through stages, and more.

  1. Visit Extensions > Apps & CRMs
  2. Under "Native Integrations" click on "Hubspot"
  3. Walk through the connection dialog

Enable Hubspot for your campaigns

Your CRM integrations will automatically be turned on when you create new campaigns. To track existing campaigns you need to turn each of them on:

  1. Click on "Settings" in your campaign
  2. Check your Hubspot account under "CRM Sync"
  3. Click "Save"

Example #1: Move deals through your pipeline based on Mailshake actions

Set up rules in Mailshake so that your deals move through the stages of your pipeline based on Mailshake activity. For instance, when someone becomes a lead (say they replied to one of your emails), they can be moved into the "Qualified to Buy" stage.

Move deals through your pipeline based on Mailshake actions

Example #2: Automatically record Mailshake activities

Whenever actions occur in Mailshake, have them tracked in Hubspot for that contact or deal. For instance, if someone replies to one your emails in Mailshake, record that activity in their Hubspot record. Same goes for if you made a phone call to them, turned them into a lead, etc.

Automatically record Mailshake activities

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