Connect Google Account with Mailshake SMTP

Google does not recommend Less Secure App Access. Rather they are in favor of using built-in integrations, which means for most people, it is no longer necessary to connect a Google account to Mailshake using our SMTP connection option. 

For Warm Up Your Email, view our connection guidance. Warm-up tools are required to use SMTP.

For more information, check Google's Guide here. Google has begun phasing out these settings. You may notice the guide includes steps to enable this option, but if you no longer have the option and it was not enabled in the past, you may not be able to enable this without contacting Google. Google does not provide automatic access to this feature anymore, and Mailshake doesn't have a way to override this option.

We recommend using the built in Google integration that uses Google's OAuth 2.0 which is what Google now favors for connecting to third-party apps. Follow the setup steps in this guide.

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