Warm Up Your Email - How do I add my email to the Warm Up tool?

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To get started with warming up your email, you'll need to connect your mail account to the Warm Up tool. 

Connecting your mail account to the Warm Up tool

  1. If you don't have an email connected yet, you'll be prompted to connect your first mail account - click +Add SMTP Settings 

  2. Select the type of mail account you want to connect and click Next 

    Note: For GoDaddy Microsoft 356 accounts, you'll need to enable SMTP access in order to connect with Warm Up Your Email. Follow these GoDaddy steps in your GoDaddy Account.
  3. You'll be shown instructions to complete the email connection. For some platforms, you may need an app password to connect if you have Two or Multi Factor Authentication enabled:

    - If you're having trouble finding the App Passwords section in your Google Account, click to view the App Passwords page.
    - If the App Passwords page does not show or it says it's unavailable, you'll need to enable 2FA.


    Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy

    Note: Newer Microsoft accounts may not be able to use an app password. If you are using Two-Factor (2FA) or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and do not have the option to create an app password, we recommend contacting Microsoft Support as they may be able to provide access to this functionality. Alternatively, if you disable 2FA or MFA, you can use your mail account password for SMTP.
  4. If you choose Other, you will need to collect SMTP credentials for your mail provider - you'll need to contact your mail provider directly if you're having trouble locating those details

  5. Follow the instructions on screen and/or enter the details requested and click Next and follow the on-screen prompts

Note: If you have trouble with your credentials, make sure you're using an  app password, not your usual password. If you still have trouble, contact your mail provider's support for help to verify you're using the correct credentials.

If you've verified with your mail provider that all of your details and settings are correct and you're still having trouble, click here to contact our support team.
Note: GoDaddy Microsoft Office 365 accounts tend to have issues when trying to connect with SMTP. If you have one of these email accounts, you'll need to contact GoDaddy's support for assistance with enabling SMTP and enabling app passwords. 

Adding more emails to the Warm-Up tool

There are different warm up your email plans, and when you are a Mailshakes customer, you can select any plan at no additional cost: 

  • Sole Sender: 1 Email Account
  • Pro Sender: 3 Email Accounts
  • Agency Sender: 8 Email Accounts

Depending on the plan you selected, you will be able to add more email addresses to your account. To add more email addresses, you will want to go to your Dashboard and then click on +Add SMTP settings:

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