What's the Campaign Comparison Report?

It's always important to keep an eye on how your individual campaigns are performing, which is why we have a number of reports in Mailshake to help you review each campaign.

Seeing how your campaigns stack up is important to know what's working and how to continue iterating. With the Campaign Comparison Report, you can see which campaigns are your top performers to have your team send more high-performing campaigns as well as iterate and improve upon your other campaigns.

Filtering the Campaign Comparison Report

  • Date Range - Select from preset periods like Last Month, This Month, etc. or set your own custom date range
  • Include - You can view Running, Paused, Archived, and/or Playbooks to ensure you're seeing the right campaigns side-by-side
  • Campaign Labels - Filter by labeled campaigns

Viewing more granular data

Below the Top 5 Campaigns graph, you'll see a list of all campaigns that fit your filter criteria as well as more data to help you see the overall performance of each campaign. 

You can also click into a specific campaign to view that campaign's stats and reports.

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