How do I organize campaigns with labels?

This feature is included on Email Outreach and Sales Engagement Plans

You can organize your Mailshake Campaigns using Labels. This can help your team organize campaigns that might be older or for different clients. Labels are shared across all users on your team.

Add a label

1. On the campaigns page, click + Label

2. Type in your label's name

3. Click the checkmark to save

Assign a label to a campaign

1. Click the checkbox next to a campaign to select it. Click multiple checkboxes to select multiple campaigns at once

2. In the grey menu that appears above, click Add Label

3. Select the label you want to add to the camapign

To add multiple labels, repeat the above steps for each label.

Delete a label

1. Hover over the label you want to delete until a pencil and trash can appear

2. Click the trash can to delete the label

Once a label is deleted, it can't be recovered.

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