How do I generate A/B Segments with SHAKEspeare AI?

You might already be familiar with A/B testing, but it's a great way for you to test different versions of your campaign to see what's most effective. It's also a great way to ensure you're sending out varied emails to improve deliverability in the long run.

With SHAKEspeare AI, A/B testing has gotten a whole lot easier. Once you've crafted your first segment in a campaign, you can use SHAKEspeare AI to build additional segments.

Using SHAKEspeare AI for Segments

1. After you've created your first segment, click Shake Segment with A

2. You'll see a loading message that indicates SHAKEspeare AI is working hard behind the scenes to generate a new version of your entire segment

3. Your new Segment is ready!

Note: As with all AI, it's quite intelligent, but it's not human. We always recommend reviewing the copy and making any tweaks to ensure your emails sound humanlike. 
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