How does Mailshake's Linkedin Automation work?

Note: Mailshake's Linkedin Automation is available on the Sales Engagement Plan. 

Mailshake's Linkedin Automation tool is designed to help you automate your Linkedin tasks in your Sales Engagement strategy. Currently, Mailshake supports automated messages. We plan to add support for other tasks like connection requests in the future.

To use the Linkedin Automation, you'll need to install the Mailshake Browser Extension for Chrome. Check out our Browser Extension Guide for more info and to download.

Important: Mailshake's Browser Extension is only supported in Google Chrome. You can download Google Chrome for free.

Prefer to watch a video? Check out our Linkedin Automation Video Guide ⚡️

  1. When you're building your campaigns, you'll need to add a Linkedin Message task to your sequence. If you're not familiar with Campaign setup, check out Step 2 in our Getting Started Guide.
  2. Once the prospect gets to that point in the sequence, they'll appear in your Open Tasks
  3. In the Open Tasks section, click Linkedin. 
  4. Then click, Run Automated Tasks
  5. You'll see the Mailshake Extension window pop up and connections will run in the background. Make sure to keep all browser windows opened during this time.


What are the best practices for using Linkedin Automation? 
Check out our Linkedin Automation Best Practices guide.

How many messages can I send each day?
Currently, Mailshake is limiting the automation to 10 Linkedin Messages per day. We've set this limit to prevent you from getting blocked or suspended by Linkedin. While this might seem low, you're able to send 70 messages per week rather than going through and copying and pasting each time. We think that's a great start. 

Can I send Linkedin Messages to anyone?
You will need to be connected to the contact in order to send them a message.

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