Linkedin Automation Video Guide

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Watch our Linkedin Automation Video Guide below for an overview of how to set up and use Linkedin Automation to save you time in your Sales Engagement strategy. With Mailshake's Linkedin Automation, you can automate profile views, connection requests and messages.

Setup & Messaging

Connection Requests & Profile Views

Mailshake now supports connection requests and profile views! In the video above, we showcase how to add Linkedin Messages. Similarly, you can add an automated task for a connection request or profile view. Automated tasks will run similarly on the browser extension.

LinkedIn Automation Limits

We allow users to manage their own LinkedIn Automation limits. That said, we strongly advise you to be mindful of the number of activities you automate per day as LinkedIn has a very strict automation policy. LinkedIn’s limits change periodically without notice and they do not communicate their limits or restrictions publicly.

You can set up the limits directly in the extension by following the steps below: 

1. Open the Mailshake Chrome extension. 

2. Click the dropdown menu arrow next to the name of your team, then Extensions Options

3. Scroll down until you see the three sliders for editing your automation settings: 

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