Linkedin Automation Best Practices

LinkedIn is one of the best channels to distribute content and generate leads.

LinkedIn Automated Messaging enables you to include a LinkedIn message as part of a campaign and then send that message to a group of recipients with a single click of a button.

You can create your campaign and include LinkedIn Messages. Then you can run your LinkedIn Automated Message sends in the background while you work on other activities for your business. 

Because it runs on your browser, the message sends stop when you close the browser.

We recommend you treat cold LinkedIn accounts the same way you treat cold email accounts. Start very small and increase the sends over time to avoid being flagged by LinkedIn as spamming activity.

Even with warm LinkedIn accounts you will need to be careful not to be flagged. LinkedIn’s send limits change periodically. Currently, if you send more than 100 messages a week total (automated and not automated), your account is in danger of being flagged or even blocked.

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