Warm Up Your Email - How does it work?

Warming up your email is a critical part of starting your cold email strategy. When you take the time to warm up your email, you’re improving your deliverability so that you can avoid the spam folder. While there’s a few other things to consider if you’re starting cold email outreach, warm up is one of the first steps.

With Warmupyour.email (WUYE), we automate your warm up process for you so you don’t have to worry about manually sending emails to colleagues. We use your email address to send emails to email addresses that we own and our system automates the replies back from those real email addresses that we own.

What should I expect?

Once your warm up process starts, you’ll notice that there will be a bunch of new reply emails coming into your inbox. These emails are important since they’re the replies to emails you’ve sent - this helps to improve your sender reputation and send-to-reply ratio.
You’ll also be able to view your Spam score on your Dashboard. If you’re using a new email address and just starting warm up, you shouldn’t see a high volume of spam. 
However if you’re using an older email and you see a lot of the warm up emails going to spam, it’s likely that your email address may have had deliverability issues in the past due to past sending activity like sending too high of volume or sending spammy content. If you’re in the latter scenario, WUYE should help you get out of spam over time, though we also recommend sending manual emails to colleagues (on other domains) and ask them to mark your emails as “Not Spam.” 

I understand how this works but I don’t want all of those replies crowding my inbox. Can you stop those?

Completely understand how those emails might “crowd up your inbox.” We can’t stop those replies since they’re an important part of the warm up process. You’ll also see emails in your sent folder that may not be familiar - these are emails sent from WUYE.

However, most mail providers offer the ability to filter messages based on set criteria. WUYE inserts the same final sentence into all messages indicating the email is sent from WUYE:

“Sent from Warmup Email Platform”

You can filter messages based on that content in the message body.

For reference, here’s how to filter messages with most common mail providers:

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