Warm Up Your Email - How do I change my warm up settings?

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You have full control over how the Warm Up tool sends your emails. 

Editing your warm up settings

  1. On your SMTP Accounts page, click the gear icon for the email address you'd like to edit
  2. You'll be able to edit your settings and click Save 

For more details on what each setting does, see below.

Max Daily Emails Per Day
This is the number of emails that will be sent per day by the Warm Up tool. Our recommend number of emails per day is 40 but you can increase or decrease as you wish.

Reply Rate %
You can set the automatic reply rate to any percentage. We recommend keeping this around 30%. Pro-tip: change the amount each week to increase variance.

Can I just set the reply rate to 100% to warm as fast as possible? While it seems like more replies would be better, a 100% reply rate is unnatural and looks suspicious. It could actually harm your deliverability in the long term as your reply rate for other emails would naturally drop quite a bit. 

Increase Gradually to Daily Send Volume
By default, we set this option to No. But for new email users, we recommend setting this option to Yes. This way our system will intelligently increase the number of emails sent each day until the Max Daily Emails  is reached

Send different subject & body each time?
We've created numerous email templates that are automatically sent out - these can't be changed at this time. But if you'd like to send different subject & body messages each time messages go out, you can edit your own message. See image below.

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