How do I reconnect my mail account?

If you've changed the password or other security settings for your email provider, you may need to reconnect your mail account with us. 

1) Start the reconnection process

Go to "Mail Accounts" in the left menu. Click on the "..." button next to your mail account and click either "Reconnect" or "Edit Connection."

2) Finish the reconnection

For Google accounts, a pop-up window will open and take you to Google where they'll ask you to re-authorize Mailshake's permissions. If you have issues with this, check out this article.

For SMTP accounts, you'll see your connection information displayed. Update any necessary information (for instance, if your password has changed). No worries if you don't need to change any information -- there are several reasons Mailshake may have been unable to connect to your account, such as your email provider's settings being turned off. Hit "Save" and if the connection test succeeds you'll be back in business!

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