How do I reconnect my mail account?

If you received a notification that your mail account has disconnected, you'll need to hop into your Mailshake account and reconnect it. In this guide we'll: 

Common reasons your mail account disconnected

The most common reason you'll see your mail account disconnect will be due to a password change or other security settings for your email provider.

How to Reconnect your mail account

Go to "Mail Accounts" in the left menu. Click on the mail account that needs to be reconnected then click the red "Reconnect" button.

If your mail account is a Google or Microsoft account, once you've clicked that button you may see a pop-up window open.  Follow the instructions there so you can re-authorize Mailshake's permissions. If you have issues with this, check out this article.

For SMTP accounts, you'll see your connection information displayed. Update any necessary information (for instance, if your password has changed). No worries if you don't need to change any information -- there are several reasons Mailshake may have been unable to connect to your account, such as your email provider's settings being turned off. Hit "Save" and if the connection test succeeds you'll be back in business!

Troubleshooting Tips

If clicking the red 'reconnect' button doesn't help you successfully reconnect your mail account you may need to remove your mail account then re-add it. 

Removing the mail account will only pause associated campaigns until you add it back. To remove the mail account click on your mail account then click 'Actions' and select 'delete mail account' from the dropdown menu.  Screen-Recording-2021-03-09-at-09-28-26-AM.gif

Once you've removed that mail account you can then try adding it back.  If after taking this action you're still having trouble let us know by emailing our team at We would be happy to help make sure you're taken care of! 

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