I'm having a problem connecting my Google account

Below are some common reasons why you may have trouble connecting.


Please disable any ad-blockers or browser extensions that may be interfering with your requests and try again. Here's a good article on how to disable AdBlock, one of the more popular ad blockers.

Logged into multiple Google accounts

It's usually not a problem, but if you're logged into multiple Google accounts at once Google may be fumbling when trying to authenticate you. Try either logging out of all your Google accounts or try opening an Incognito Window in the Chrome browser which will give you a window where you're not logged in to any accounts. Then try connecting with Mailshake again.

Gmail not fully set up

It's possible to have a Google account, but not have Gmail fully set up. Try visiting gmail.com while logged into your Google account. If you see a screen similar to the one below, then you just need to finish setting up your Gmail account. Or if you're using G Suite, your IT admin might need to enable the Gmail app for you.

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