How do I add prospects without using a CSV file?

You can easily type or copy/paste in prospects to your campaign. Just drop them in as a list of email addresses, each on its own line or separated by commas. 

If you want to make use of text replacements for prospect names, enter them in the format: 

"First Name Last Name" <Email Address> see example below:

This will allow you to use the First Name, Last Name or Full Name text replacements like "Hello {{first}}" in your campaign.

What about other text replacements like "company"?

You'll need to use a CSV file to add other text replacements. 

The only way to do text replacements other than first/last/full name by the method described above is to personalize each email manually which means that text replacements won't work here.

If you prefer to edit each recipient's message manually you can do that. 

Once you import your recipients, you'll be taken to the personalize page where you can make edits to each email before it gets sent. Once you're done making your edits, click Confirm Prospects.

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