How do I set up follow-up emails?

Follow-ups to your initial message are a great way to ensure your recipients engage. Follow-ups will only be sent to people have have not already replied to either your initial campaign message or one of the earlier follow-ups*. Unsubscribed and bounced recipients won't receive any follow-ups. 

* You can choose the trigger to cancel a reply: either an open, a reply, or either.

After writing your initial email, click on "Add Follow-Up":

When you create a follow-up, you have a few options to consider:

  • Send X days after... The message in our example below will get sent 3 days after the first email.
  • Unless we receive: This email will NOT be sent if the recipient replies to the original email or any of the follow-ups. You can choose cancelling this email based on getting 1) a reply, 2) an open, or 3) a reply OR an open.

New Subject Lines

You can set additional follow-ups, like having another message go out 4 days later. You can either reply to one of the earlier messages or you can send a follow-up as a totally new email.


How is this different from a Drip message?
Drips are always sent regardless of the actions your recipients take. Drips cannot be replies to earlier messages, they are always sent as a brand new email.

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