How do I create a new client team in my Agency account?

This article is for customers on a Mailshake Agency Plan. If you don't have an agency plan, click here.

How to create a new client team:

  1. Click on your Team Name in the upper right corner of your Mailshake account
  2. Click Create New Team
  3. Type in your Team Name and click Create Team
Note: All new teams will be on the same Agency Plan that you have Email Outreach Agency or Sales Engagement Agency. At this time, it's not possible to mix plan types.

If you'd like to have some teams on Email Outreach Agency and some on Sales Engagement Agency, you'll need to sign up for a separate Agency Account and chose the other plan type. These will be separate accounts and have separate billing

For example:

Client Group Pink Account
Client Group Blue Account
Email Outreach Agency Plan Sales Engagement Agency Plan
Client Team A
Client Team C
Client Team E
Client Team B
Client Team D
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