Can I add attachments to my emails in Mailshake?

Adding a file attachment like a PDF brochure or a Word Doc that provides more details to prospective clients sounds like a great idea. 

However, adding attachments to cold emails can actually cause you to get flagged for spam and have other deliverability issues which will land you in the spam folder, or even worse, you could land on blacklists causing your cold email machine to break down. In fact, when you're doing cold email, most people are unlikely to open an attachment from someone they may not know yet. 

Because of this, we don't provide a way to add attachments in your cold email outreach.

Not to worry though, you have other options that will help you accomplish the same goal while keeping your deliverability strong.

Options for "attaching" files to emails

1. Use a file-sharing platform like Dropbox or Google Drive

You can easily upload a file to any file-sharing platform and create a share link that will allow you to link to the file so prospects can access it. Most of us have a file-sharing platform that comes with our emails like Google Drive or Microsoft Onedrive, so this can be one of the easiest ways to make this work. 

If you're not familiar with how to share files on your file-sharing platform, we recommend checking their documentation. We've linked to a few popular ones below:

2. Host the file (or the information) on a landing page

Not only is this option a great way to share more information with prospects, it's also a great way to get prospects to opt-in to your email communication. One of our favorite platforms for this is Unbounce. They make it super easy for you to create landing pages that help convert your prospects into leads and sales.

3. Host the file on your website

If you're tech-savvy and comfortable with coding, you can host the file on your website and use a direct download link or create a landing page on your website where the prospect can download your file.

Did you hear the words "tech-savvy" and "coding" and start shaking your head? Don't worry, we get it, even we know it's complicated. Options 1 & 2 are going to be your best bet.

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