How do I use tasks to automate my sales engagement?

A powerful sales engagement strategy includes email along with other tasks such as social media connections and phone calls. The Mailshake Sales Engagement Plan makes it easy for you to automate the scheduling of these tasks so there's less for you to keep track of and more time for you to engage with opportunities.

For example, you may want to add in additional touchpoints to engage with your prospects such as connecting on Linkedin or making a phone call to the prospect. A successful sales engagement strategy usually consists of 7-10 touch points that include a combination of emails plus social media and phone call tasks. 

Importing fields for Tasks

One of the benefits of Mailshake Tasks is that you can import phone numbers and social media URLs for easy dialing and one-click access to social media profiles.

To correctly import these fields, you'll need to confirm the columns or fields are mapped to the correct Mailshake fields on the Import Mapping step (this applies to both CSV Import and Import from App options).

Note: Once imported, fields cannot be remapped. You'll want to make sure that you map the correct fields when importing. If you need to change fields, you'll need to delete the list and import again. Click here for more details.
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