Remove or Replace a Sending Email Address

Perhaps you've decided to start sending with a new email address and you no longer want to send from the current sending email address that you've connected to Mailshake. Or maybe you have multiple sending email addresses and you no longer need to use one of them. 

If so, you'll want to remove your current sending email address.

  1. First, click Mail Accounts to view your sending email addresses
  2. If you have multiple sending email address, scroll to the email address you wish to remove or replace
  3. Click the sending email address you wish to delete
  4. Click Actions
  5. Click Delete
  6. You'll be alerted that any campaigns associated with that email address will be paused
  7. Type delete mail-account to remove the sending email
  8. After you confirm, you'll be prompted to downgrade the number of seats
    1. If you plan to connect another mail account immediately, click No
    2. If you do not plan to connect another mail account and you want to decrease your bill, click Yes
  9. You may need to refresh the page after you've removed an email address to add a new Mail Account if you see a prompt for a billing increase. Once you refresh the page this should go away.
Note: Don't worry, the campaigns won't be deleted. You'll just need to assign another sending email address to continue sending.
Important: If you switch your sending email address while campaigns are active, replies to the previous sending email address won't get picked up. We recommend keeping an eye on that inbox for a bit so you can track those replies.

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