How to set up a DMARC record for your domain

In the past DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) used to be optional part of your domain's settings. 

However spam filters are continuing to get more strict as mail providers attempt to limit spam. Many major email providers have started to deliver emails from domains without a DMARC record directly to spam. 

DMARC is now a critical element of your domain settings and we recommend setting up your DMARC record to make sure your emails are not ending up in your recipient's spam folder.

You can check to see if your DMARC record (as well as SPF and DKIM records) is set up correctly by checking your Domain health on a tool like MX Toolbox.

How to set up DMARC

You may want to contact your Domain Registrar for help with this as they'll have the tools to ensure your DMARC record is set up correctly.

Note: Since all sending is done through your email servers (not Mailshake) your DMARC record is unique to your domain and isn't specific to sending with Mailshake.

Do I need to set up DMARC for every email address?

Great question! You only need to set up DMARC once on your domain. It will apply to all email addresses on your domain. If you have a brand new domain, you'll want to get it set up.

If you have an existing domain and you're adding a new email address, chances are you have DMARC set up already. But, it's a good idea to double check on MX Toolbox. You'll simply visit that website, enter in your email address and run the report (don't worry it's free - dismiss any pop-ups that ask you to sign up as it's not required). If you see any RED warmings, you'll want to reach out to your domain provider so they can help you resolve them.

If you have trouble, feel free to reach out to our support team at or click the Contact Us link below this doc.

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