One-click vs two-click unsubscribe setting

When including an unsubscribe link in your emails, you can set your team's settings to handle them in one of two ways. We offer One-click and Two-click Unsubscribes.


Prospects can click on your "Unsubscribe" link and they will immediately be unsubscribed. This is a nice and seamless experience for your recipients. The downside is that sometimes spam filters can unintentionally trigger unsubscribe requests by visiting your links when they check for malware, etc.



When recipients click on your "Unsubscribe" link, they'll be asked to confirm and press a button. This adds a little friction to the unsubscribe process, but it reduces the chances of spam filters unintentionally unsubscribing prospects. 

You can change your team's options by going to Settings, then click Team Settings in the left menu:

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