What kind of access does Mailshake have to my Google account?

To use a Google as one of your mail accounts in Mailshake, you must grant our application certain access. The consent screen is shown below and we'll explain each permission we are requesting.

View your email messages and settings

  • Mailshake will access your basic profile information including photo, name, and email address so that we can properly label your account.
  • Mailshake will periodically check your inbox for messages. Our app will look to find replies to emails sent by your Mailshake campaigns so that we can present this information to you within Mailshake, turn recipients into leads as necessary, and stop follow-up messages from sending when a reply causes someone to become a lead. We also look for unsubscribe requests and bounces to keep your contact lists up to date and help you with deliverability.
  • In rare cases, our team may check your inbox to solve a bug, customer question, or to investigate any potential security issues. 
  • Your data is protected by a virtual private cloud and high-grade encryption, among other safeguards.

Send email on your behalf

  • Mailshake needs this permission to be able to run your campaigns.

More information

Please see our privacy policy and our terms of service for more information.

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