How to export list-cleaning results via our API

Note: You can export list cleaning results as a CSV from right within your Mailshake account if you're not trying to use the API. Click here to check out our guide.

The  Campaigns.export operation on our API accepts an "exportType" parameter. Not listed in our docs is the type "list-cleaning" that you can use for this purpose. You can use that value for "exportType" and you'll also need to pass in the parameter "recipientBatchIDs" which can look like this: "1,2,3".

The trick is, that export currently requires knowing the IDs of the recipient list that you ran cleaning on. To find this out, 1) click on the "Recipients" tab of your campaign, 2) click the "X Lists" button, and 3) click the "..." menu for your list and click "Personalize Recipients". Here's a screenshot:

This will take you to a page that looks like this where you can deduce the recipient list's ID:[TEAM_ID]/campaigns/[CAMPAIGN_ID]/recipients/personalize/[RECIPIENT_BATCH_ID]/edit

Here's a screenshot of how you can execute this operation:

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