A prospect replied but I don't see it in my campaign

If you see a prospect's reply in your email provider's inbox but aren't seeing it in Mailshake there's a chance you're just too quick! There can be a 5-15 minute delay between when an email arrives in your inbox and when Mailshake sees that reply.

If you're still not seeing the reply, here are a few other possibilities:

  1. Prospect replies to your email using a different email address than the one you have uploaded to your campaign
  2. Instead of actually replying, did the prospect send you an email under a different subject? This may make it difficult for Mailshake to locate the reply.
  3. Can you find the reply in your email inbox? If it was deleted there (either manually or via an automated filter), Mailshake won't be able to see it.If you have email forwarding or filtering set up make sure the original copy stays in your inbox.  If the email is removed from the inbox, Mailshake is not able to see it. 

If using Gmail + Alias

If you're using an alias with Gmail, first check to make sure you are seeing the recipient's reply in Gmail. If you can't see the reply to your alias there, Mailshake won't see it either and there's probably something wrong with how your alias is set up. See our article on how to get an alias working properly To test that it's working, you should send an email to your alias from some outside email address and then go into your Gmail and the email should be there. 

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