How do I BCC an email address for all of my sends?

Since many CRM products can ingest emails that you send into their platforms (Salesforce, etc), Mailshake lets you set up a BCC setting for your team. 

Specifying an address here means that every email you send via Mailshake whether it's done via any of your campaign messages or via Lead Catcher, that address will receive your sent message via BCC.

Note: Mailshake does not allow CC lines for sequence messages to prevent deliverability issues. 

Additionally, CCing multiple people on a cold email usually results in lower engagement as prospects believe someone else on the message will act.

  1. Click Settings in the left side menu
  2. Click Team Settings 
  3. Click Sending 
  4. Type in the BCC email address
  5. Click Save
Important: This BCC email will be added to ALL emails sent via Mailshake. Do not use this to BCC additional prospects.

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