How to Send a Campaign from Multiple Email Addresses

Email rotation allows you to use multiple sending email addresses within a single campaign, enabling you to send a higher number of emails for a specific campaign. Each campaign created using email rotation will have its own sending calendar, where you can customize settings such as timezone and the number of emails sent.

The sending will be split evenly among the selected emails, allowing more emails from that specific campaign to be sent out faster.

New campaigns

  1. On the General step in the Campaign, click the dropdown under Mail Account
  2. Select I would like to send from multiple email addresses
  3. Select the sending email addresses that you'd like to use
  4. Then continue creating your campaign

Existing campaigns

Even if you have already created a campaign, you can still send from multiple email addresses by editing the campaign settings to include multiple sending email addresses.

  1. Go to the campaign you'd like to edit
  2. Click Settings
  3. Under Sending, Click Mail Account
  4. Select I would like to send from multiple email addresses
  5. Choose the sending email addresses that you'd like to use and click Save

Note: Prospects that have already received emails from one sending email address will continue to receive emails from that sending email address. Remaining prospects will be split between the additional sending email addresses.

Editing your campaign settings

You can select specific settings for the campaign, including a signature for each sending email address used in the campaign.

  1. In the left side menu, click Mail Accounts
  2. Click on any of the sending emails selected for the campaign
  3. Click the dropdown under Current mail account
  4. Within the drop down, scroll to the bottom; You will see the options for campaigns with multiple email addresses - these settings will apply to the campaign
  5. Make any edits to the Sending Calendar that you'd like and click Save

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