Connect Mailshake to Slack

With our Slack integration, Mailshake can post to a channel any reply you get from your recipients so you can react quickly. You'll be able to view the full reply and even take actions like pausing the recipient, unsubscribing them, or changing their lead status. You can also have Mailshake post leads to any channel so you can know who you need to follow up with.

Connect Slack

  1. In Mailshake, click Integrations in the left side menu
  2. On the Integrations page, click +Connect New App
  3. Select Slack then click Connect to Slack
  4. A new window will open up displaying the Slack permissions that you'll need to grant to Mailshake in order for the integration to work
  5. Scroll down and click Allow

  6. The window will automatically close, and you'll see a success message display

  7. When the success message is dismissed, you'll be able to select the Slack Channel where you want replies, leads or both to post - you can select the same or different channels for each

  8. Click Save

Mailshake will now post replies and/or leads to the selected channels. 

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