How do Mailshake Agency Plans work?

The Mailshake Agency Plan makes it easier for you and your team to manage your client teams.

  • Combined billing - one monthly bill
  • Keep your client data separate
  • Monthly or annual billing options
  • Five-seat minimum
  • Swappable Seats
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Frequently asked questions

Is there any difference in functionality?
Your Mailshake teams will work exactly the same as your current Mailshake teams! The main difference is that you have access to all of your teams in one main agency account and receive combined billing.
Will migrating to an Agency Plan impact my teams? Will I lose my data?
Nope! Everything will work the same and you won’t lose any data as we’re just linking your teams together. Each team’s data is kept separate. Once migrated to an Agency Plan, we cannot revert your account back to an individual plan.
How much does this cost? Will this change my billing?
Mailshake Agency plans are currently priced as follows:
  • Email Outreach Agency $59/seat/mo or $699/seat/yr
  • Sales Engagement $99/seat/mo or $999/seat/yr
The agency plan means fewer bills. You’ll receive one monthly recurring for all of your teams. If you increase the number of seats, you’ll be charged at the time of the increase.
What if I stop working with a client but I’ve paid for a year or was just charged for the month?
You can delete the client team and add another client team for a new client to fill the seat. Or you can reduce your seats and receive credit for the remaining time towards your next subscription charge.
Can I move a Client Team out of an Agency Plan to an Individual Plan?
At this time, it's not possible to move Agency Client Teams to another plan type. 
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